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More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Christianist EcoTerrorists Crisis.... )

Shock! Shock! Horrror Horrror!!!
Texas’ largest Baptist group is taking a rare step into environmental advocacy, working to block Gov. Rick Perry’s plan to speed the approval process for 18 new coal-fired power plants.

The Christian Life Commission, the public policy arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, is mobilizing Baptists against the coal-fired plants and urging the convention’s 2.3 million members to voice their opposition to state lawmakers.

”A lot of people felt like our industries, our policy leaders, are going to take care of these big issues like air quality, (and) it’s not going to be something our local people are going to have to get up every day and worry about,” said Suzii Paynter, director of the commission. ”It can’t be left to big interests to make these decisions in our behalf.”

[ cf Baptist group fights Texas coal plants ]
How Ever Will We Survive!!!

Clearly any opposition to The Great Leader Of Texas is a Jack Booted Brutal Assault on the Leader Principle, which is clearly an attack On Great Leader HIMSELF!!!! The Greatest Of All Great Leaders!!! EVER!!!!

Don't these Radical Extremists Understand that in a time of Transferring the Tax Liability Unto The Unborn that there is no other choice but to Support Great Leader or One Is DEFYING The WILL OF GOD!!!! As the Argument of Intelligent Design Demands!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! And Great Leaders Great Restoration of The Iraqi Wetlands!!!
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