drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Evil Doing Evil Doers In The Puzzle Palace!!!

Oh heavens but the radical left wing extremists are trumpetting the Radical Left Wing Extremist Dogma of the Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runners in the Pentagon:
U.S. Defense Department officials prepared pre-war intelligence reports that may have exaggerated links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, the Pentagon inspector general said today.

Two offices set up under then-Undersecretary for Policy Douglas Feith before the March, 2003 invasion of Iraq produced reports that formed the basis for the administration's key pre- war claim that Saddam Hussein might provide weapons of mass destruction to the terrorist group.

``While such actions were not illegal or unauthorized, the actions in our opinion were inappropriate'' because they didn't ``clearly show the variance with the consensus of the intelligence community,'' Inspector General Thomas Gimble told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Feith's operation produced what amounted to ``an alternative analysis,'' prepared ``without the knowledge of the intelligence community,'' that was used ``to back a decision to go to war,'' said committee chairman Carl Levin. ``This is devastating.''

[ cf Pre-War Intelligence Acts `Inappropriate,' U.S. Finds ]
Can YOU Say a Feith Based Intelligence Product????

Bet You Could!!!

Don't you feel better now, knowing that the Argument From Intelligent Design has dictated that we have faith based research, and whole new Faith Centers, where everything is free of doubts and uncertainties....

Isn't that really so much better than all of this negativity that the evil doing evil doers are doing so evilily???
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