drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got "Percieved Threat"

Wow... now that is a moral stand
"We understand now that in today's post-September 11 environment, it was reasonable and appropriate for citizens and law enforcement officials to take any perceived threat posed by our light boards very seriously and to respond as they did," the statement said.

"We are reviewing our policies concerning local marketing efforts and strategies to ensure that they are not disruptive or perceived as threatening, and are committed to making any necessary changes to our internal processes to prevent similar incidents in the future.

[ cf Turner, contractor to pay $2M in Boston bomb scare ]
woowie zowbie....

Must Run Faster!!! Clowns are Catching Up.....

Can there be any doubt that the potential for a percieved threat is itself the basis for bombing not just canada but the rest of those UnAmerican Countries because the very potential for the perception of a possibility of a threat is one of those things that we are so much more betterer than everer at....

No wonder we have to go on winning In Iran!!! or the Mooninites Will return with their light board percieved threat to our white christian america...

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