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Will Faux News Go On Nuking American Cities???

hey kids, Check It Out:
OLBERMANN: But first, time for Countdown's latest list of nominees for "Worst Person in the World."

The bronze to the Fox TV series 24. We explored here a few weeks ago the possibility that the show was in part a device to get people thinking we were living in a country where a car bomb could go off at any moment. This was pooh-poohed in some corners. "Of course not," I was told. "It's just entertainment."

But now our esteemed colleague Cal Thomas of Fox Noise has pretty much underscored this point in his latest newspaper column. Quoting, "Watch the TV drama 24 for what could be our prophetic and imminent future, with a nuclear device exploding in major cities."

[ cf MediaMatters ]

and knowing how important the marketting world is getting these days - and given the slide in the old Faux News ball scores, gosh, do you think they will be the ones who will follow one of the 24 scripts so that they can be right on top of the ball when the ball gets dropped, and hope that they will be able to have the best News Show, EVER!!!

Hum.... What if they were to hand over control of the Faux News channel to say a Psychic Network of Terrorist Goons out to liberate america from the evil liberal americans....

Yeah, that's the ticket, besides, if they nuke only blue state cities, who would notice???
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