drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Harry Potter Crisis.... )

Has anyone else noticed that since the Red Kommunist Dominated God Hating America Bashing of "Harry Potter" has come to a close, with the last volume alledgely due out in July, the young Actor who has played Harry Potter in the Red Hollywood Terror Films has moved on to acting in other things bent upon the destruction of our white christian america with his Heathenistical Demonic Ikky Yukky Poohperisms.... Which in this case happens to include Nude Scenes!!!!

So can there be any better reason to Bomb Canada because Canadiansists Are SOOOO unAmerican, that we can only keep on Bombing Canada to Keep America American!!!!

I mean do we want our children to grow up and learn that Harry Potter was not actually a member of the Great Super Secret Military Service Operatives who were keeping us Safe From the Mooninite Attacks On Our White Christian America???? HUM????

That would be like telling children that Santa Claus does not bomb UnAmerican Countries.... and we all know how traumatic that has been, along with telling them that the Easter Bunny Was Crucified For Their Sins....

So PLEASE!!!! We Must DO what Must Be Done To Save Our American Way Of LIFE!!!

Even if that means bombing the Canadianists!!!
Tags: bomb_canada

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