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Talk About Messy Cases....

n 1998, federal prosecutors went to court to seize $1.4 million in assets they claimed Salah meant to funnel to Hamas. Newly revealed court documents show prosecutors were prepared to settle the case in July 2001 under an agreement that would have let the government keep the cash and Salah keep his Thomas Street house.

But the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks two months later changed the playing field and the long-running federal probe into Salah’s past, dubbed Vulgar Betrayal, was reincarnated.

In August 2004, then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft held a Washington news conference to announce terrorism charges against Salah.

[ cf The Accused ]
They have a name for it....

What is it called when the government seeks to fund projects by offering persons their freedom from prosecution for a split of what the person owns....

Two men accused of furnishing money and recruits to Palestinian terrorists were acquitted Thursday by a federal jury of racketeering conspiracy charges but convicted of lesser counts.

Muhammad Salah, 53, a former Chicago grocer, and Abdelhaleem Ashqar, 48, beamed broadly at the split verdict in the three-month trial in a case federal officials billed as a major element in the war on terrorism.

[ cf Palestinian terrorism trial ends in split verdict ]

Would the government have to give them back their personal property???

And given that Salah became an american citizen in 1979, ( here ) is this one of those ugly cases where the US is picking on american citizens???

Oh dear....

What are we suppose to do with these types of cases...

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