drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Smoking Gun????

Ok, boys and girls, another quick lesson on how to read the evil liberal media. Given the Evil Left Wing Propoganda
The Bush administration has postponed plans to offer public details of its charges of Iranian meddling inside Iraq amid internal divisions over the strength of the evidence, U.S. officials said.

U.S. officials promised last week to provide evidence of Iranian activities that led President Bush to announce Jan. 10 that U.S. forces would begin taking the offensive against Iranian agents who threatened Americans.

[ cf U.S. delays report on Iranian role in Iraq h/t to Drats! We can't see the smoking gun evidence! ]
We see the Evil Doers trying to hide the fact that it is so self evident!!!

Clearly we can not leave america at the mercy that the Smoking Gun MAY BE a Mushroom Cloud!!!! Therefore there is but one SOLUTION - Bomb Canada!!! And Keep On Bombing Canada until they stop being UnAmerican!

Also it is obvious that if the President were to reveal that we know that Canadians are Canadian, then the Canadians would KNOW that we know that they are Canadian, and hence Unamerican!!!!! And we would lose our grand strategic Advantage...

All Hail Great Leader, For Great Leader Is GREAT!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, iran, war

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