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How to correctly read Defeatist Appeaser Cut And Runner Propoganda!!!!

We find the following from the Radical Left Wing Extremists Kommunist Propoganda Rag the Wapo:
Iran is two to three years away from having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon, a leading security think tank said Wednesday. But the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies said domestic opposition to outspoken President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could still help put the brakes on its nuclear development efforts.

"There are signs that political and economic pressure is having an impact in Tehran," said John Chipman, the institute's chief executive, speaking at the launch of the its annual publication, "The Military Balance."

[ cf Report: Iran Years From Nuclear Weapons ]
Now the Typical Evil Leftist Leaning Puppet might misconstrue this report as indicating that the Iranians are years from being able to develop a nuclear weapon, and therefore we should actually allow the diplomatic process to work.


What the Wapo Clearly is asserting here is that we can not wait until the Smoking Gun is a Mushroom Cloud, and that now more than ever the Clear And Compelling Evidence is that all true americans patriotically support Great Leader's Calls to restore the Wetlands In Iraq before there are waves on Nuclear Bombs raining down on america like a summer shower!!!!

As we all remember, when the Radical Left Wing Defeatist Appeaser Cut And Runners were the Drum Beaters for WAR!!!, and the need to restore the Iraqi wetlands, this was precisely how they went about mandating that the UN Mandate Mandated that there be a restoration of the Iraqi Wetlands....

So Now more than ever I am sure that all americans accept that only when we have constructed the Crusader Cathedral of St Dubya The Divine Decider in Jerusalem, to prevent the Anti-Christ from restoring the Temple, will the world be more safer than it has ever been before!!! As such the real way to prevent the Iranian Nuclear Bombs from Raining Down Upon White Christian America is to Construct the Crusader Cathedral on The Dome Of The Rock!!!

I hope that this has helped expand the civilized dialog between the Forces Of GOOD and the Evil Demonic Spawns of Satan aligned with the Nancy Pelosi Controlled Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair who are at this very moment openly supporting those who are not our friends!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes! What Plants Want!!!
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