drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Progress Of ThatIraqiThingiePooh....

Hey Kids, who can doubt that our Glorious And Victorious ThatIraqiThingiePooh is being every day, in some new way, ever More Glorious And Victorious!!!!
Nine men were being held tonight in England over an alleged terrorist plot to carry out an Iraqi-style kidnapping of a British Muslim soldier.

Eight were arrested this morning in a series of dawn raids in Birmingham, with the ninth arrested late this afternoon on a motorway in the city.

[ cf Nine held over UK terror kidnap plot ]
Go Team America!!!!

That will teach those Evil Brits that they are Either Going to support
The Greater American CoProsperity Sphere
Or we are going to just go on going on with the Ever More Glorious And Victorious ThatIraqiThingiePooh until they give up their UnAmerican Ways and Release their Inner Americanism For America!!!

Thank GOD there is some glorious and victorious and happy news about our More Glorious And Victorious ThatIraqiThingiePooh, which the evil liberal media meat puppets, just are always failing to high light as the happier and happiest double plus good of the greatness of Great Leader!!!

All Hail Great Leadere!!! because he has electrolytes, what plants want!!!!
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