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Enemy At The Gate ( The DVD )

It is important to make sure that folks know that I am talking about the DVD/Movie, rather than the usual collection of suspects, who have all been a part of the Vast Monolithic Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppetry who have been, well, evil, and liberal, And ERS!!!! { They are Every Where!!! }

Instead we are actually talking about the Movie Enemy At The Gate (2001) - that was of course the Dahling Date Movie - since, as we all know, the movie is just one more in the typical horror saga of how hard it is to meet a nice guy, and the lengths that women go to get their man!!! I mean we have all seen them, just like Tatiana, in the gym, at the club, in all of the usual places, and their little minds are whirling on the usual plot line
If I can only start World War II, that will bring the Wehrmacht and the Red Army here to stalingrad, and clearly I will be able to find some nice young man who is going to be cute, and sensitive and a proto-metrosexual nurturing kinda guy.
I mean Red Kommunist Dominate Evil Rad Femi Surf Nazi Hollywood has just been flooding the market with those types of movies!!!

And we are all suppose to get that warm fuzzy feeling when she finally gets to trap her little boy at the end of the movie with that whole, "and everyone lived happily ever after" look in their eyes.


The Dark And Sinister Side of this EVIL HORROR!!!!

Did anyone else notice the Most OBVIOUS OF ALL HORRORS that is associated with this evil movie? and it's Red Kommie Hollyweird Propoganda??? Hum??? Did ya? Did ya???

I bet you never noticed the central fundamental flaw in the film!!!!

The FREAKING EVIL DOERS did not at all mention the Fighting 101st Keyboardist!!! They made it appear as if the Battle of Stalingrad had been single handedly won by mere Red Army Troops, without the support of any of the Valiant And Glorious Fighting 101st Keyboardists and the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp!!!

Can there be any clearer sign of the vast monolithic evil liberal revisionist klique of Evil Doing Evil Doers who are so openly trying to ReWrite History to their Red Kommunist Dominated Propoganda Scheme as their on going plot to stab our Most Glorious Of All Leaders In The Back!!!! By mandating their totally irrational history about how some how the whole of World War II was NOT about the vast and Vicious Venezualan and Iranian Flying Saucers that were bent upon the destruction of our White Christian America!!! And that the Germans had come to Stalingrad to help the Russians who were working with the Fighting 101st Keyboardists to defeat the Brutal Onslaught of the Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!!

But will RED Hollywood ever get past their commitment to their evil failed pre-911 liberalism and it's revisionist historical misalignment????


NOT until we have been able to disinfect all of the Ideological Deviationists Diseases that are at this very moment corrupting the American Way Of Life!!!!

So YOU can watch the movie and whine about how hard it is to get a date, and meet a nice guy, or you can do your duty and declare that the Evil Doing Evil Doers are EVIL!!! And DOING and ERS!!! and must be disenfected to keep our White Christian America American!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For HE has Electrolytes! what plants want!!!
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