drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why STONERS should not do Union Busting....

Former Wal-Mart vice chairman Thomas Coughlin - whose compensation from salary, bonuses, and stock grants totaled several million dollars per year - is discovered to have cooked up fraudulent expense invoices in a scam to siphon off $500,000 over the course of seven years.

Coughlin, who reportedly told enabling subordinates that he was using the funds for a secret antiunion initiative, pleads guilty and is sentenced to more than two years of home confinement.

[ cf Wal-Mart Part 3 ]
Like Dude....

Uh, like
Dude, Where's My Union Busting Op?
You know, like dude, Uh, we gotta keep those Union Types Out so that we do not have the peasants being, like, you know, unpleasant and all....

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