drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Crusader Cathedral???

Has anyone else noticed that we all face the growing threat, as clearly outlined in the Left Behind Series, that the Anti-Christ would try to take over Israel and Impose Evil and falsely restore the Temple, so as to bring about the end of the world, when all the true believers will be raptured up into the bliss of the seventy some odd virgins, or what ever, while the rest are repressed by the evil of liberalism.

So Why NOT go for the gusto????

Americans are wondering what the real big picture for the Whatever On WhomEvere is all about - and why not call it by it's Very name!!! Namely
The Restroation Of The True Crusader Cathedral!!! That will Promote the Divine Will Of The Divine Decider!!! And Will Protect All from the Theat of the End Times!!!
which of course will mean that we will need to remove the other problems, such as the wailing wall, and any other impediments to the Holy Shrine of the One True And Only Faith of the Holy Crusaders of Dubya!!!

Think how much safer the world would feel, knowing that the Holy Lands were safely in the Protection of
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere!!!
and what greater and more truthier a way of sharing that safety with everyone but the Installment of the Holy Crusader Cathedral where all can come to Worship the Greatness of the Great One!!!

They will be able to come and liberate their inner americanism and become one with the Great Greatness of The Great Great One!!!! For Lo, that will bring the prosperity of Prospersousness Unto the Sphere Of The Great Americans!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!

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