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Wow, grope This:
Famed country singer Toby Keith, who engaged in a public feud with the Dixie Chicks and once sang a two-fisted song about putting “a boot in [the] ass” of the terrorists, tells Newsday that he doesn’t support the Iraq war. “‘Never did,’ he says — and he favors setting a time limit on the occupation. He says he suspects civil war in Iraq is inevitable and predicts the Kurds will be the victors: ‘I promise you, they’ll end up with it all.’”
[ citing Famed country singer Toby Keith h/t to the freaks a The MojoWire ]

God that sure sells me on what putting a boot up the butt really means to the war winning war winners....

Yes Boys and Girls!!!! Now more than ever we must do our part to SANITIZE THE IDEOLOGICAL SPACE of these Dangerous Ideas and Evil Thoughts that are the drum beat of DEFEAT by the Defeatists Kapitulationists Cut And Runner Appeasers!!!!

Who can doubt now that when the Bad People Are Bad, that it is God's Divine Will that we bomb them FLAT!!!! So as to sanitize the area, and protect the inner american of those parts of
The Greaeter American Co-Prosperity Sphere
where all true thoughts are Pure And Clean and have been proven to be such, because they have survived the sanitizing!!! Just as Jesus would demand that we do to keep American American, and to rescue the Inner American of those who are being repressed by Unamericanisms!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has Electrolytes.... what plants want.
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