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got Time Line....

wow.... once upon a time the decision to liberate and restore the wetlands of Iraq was done in the earlier parts of March 2003, but clearly we all know that this must have actually happened after that since we are now privy to the new and improved terrorism trial that shows the clear and compelling reason for liberating and restoring the Iraqi Wetlands
An Iraqi native from the Netherlands pleaded not guilty in federal court in Washington this morning in a case billed by the Justice Department as the first U.S. criminal prosecution linked to terrorism in Iraq.

Wesam al Delaema, 33, is charged with four counts of conspiracy and two other crimes in connection with a videotape made in October 2003 showing Delaema and alleged members of a group called "Mujahideen from Fallujah" preparing a bomb. Delaema and the others also allegedly hid explosives in a road in the Fallujah area, according to the indictment.

[ cf Iraqi Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Charges ]
and just watch those Defeatists Cut And Runner Appeasers try to say that the americans invaded iraq irrationally!!! Since clearly this clear and compelling evidence shows that without Our Liberation of Iraq, these Terrorists In Fallujah would be terrorising iraqi's...

Ideological Hyginenes, what makes a Clean Thought Cleaner!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Has Electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!
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