drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

disinfecting The Ideologically Contaminated....

Hey kids, guess what.... Only AMERICANS can bomb civilian targets with Cluster Bombs!!!
The US state department has said it is "likely" that Israel violated an agreement with Washington in its use of US-made cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon during the war with Hezbollah last summer.

"There were likely violations," said Sean McCormack, a state department spokesman, adding a preliminary report had been sent to congress.
Congress will now decide whether to further investigate the matter.

An inquiry was opened last year after reports from the UN and relief organisations that three types of US-made cluster bombs found in southern Lebanon were responsible for civilian deaths.

[ cf Israeli use of cluster bombs probed ]
Well THAT will show them...

Clearly when it comes to disinfecting whole sections of ideologically unhygenic areas, only American Bombers can Disinfect them with the Wonders Of Moder Cluster Bomb Technology, that can just clean out the stains that come from bad thoughts!!!!

Yes boys and Girls, you can only use American Cluster Bomb Technology to irradicate ideological infestation when you have shown that you are one of the True Believers in the True Beliefs Of
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
Since ONLY the True Believers have the True Beliefs about which Are Naughty Thoughts, and which are Goodere Thoughts!

So All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes!!! They are What Plants Want!!!
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