drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

targetting iranian insurgents....

hum... does this mean that we have not been killing, and/or capturing, insurgents???

Or do we really mean to say that now the gloves are off and that we will be directly targetting the unarmed women and children, since they are the 'industrial infrasctructure' that has been the known creators of persons who become insurgents.... You know, that cooler form of Strategic Warfare....

and that we will finally allow SAC to start bombing morer and morer places in the unrestricted bombing campaigns against those 'industrial infrastructures' - and also allowing the Strategic Bomber Command to engage in Area Denial Attacks where we start firebombing more and more of these 'industrial infrastrucures' since the previous strategic bombing policy of Pin Point Precision Bombing is useless against these more diversitifed "industrial infrastructures"....

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he will unleash the great Grand Battle Fleet and we will be able to win the great naval battles of Northern Iraq that the Evil Liberal Have Been Preventing Us From Using As The War Winning Ways!!!
Tags: war

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