drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Guilt Complex....

Is it just me, or is there such an ironic piece of comedy in the still ongoing rhetorical posturing of the pro-war crowd, as they try to cope with their myriad of guilt complexes....

One of my favorite is this idea about
<Foo> is offering aid and comfort to the enemy in a "time of war".
which right now is also including the idea that Congress can disagree with the president, and that congress had some constitutional obligations back in the failed days of Pre-911 when America was a Constitutional Republic.

What I find so comical here is that so many of the whiners here, whining about 'offering aid and comfort' are the very same persons who's opposition to President Clinton, and his handling of the war, including, but not limited to the Impeachment Trial, have yet to openly accept their personal responsibility for inticing whom ever attacked the world trade center, the second time.

I say, "whom ever attacked the world trade center", since it remains under-clear whether or not Saddam Hussein was personally involved in that attack, and now that he has been executed, it is even less likely that he will be able to make any "made for TV movies" about how it really had all been his fault, and that if it had not been for the restoration of the iraqi Wetlands, that he would have continued his habitual attacking of the world trade center...

So folks, as we move into the new season of Guilt And Angst, be really careful, as you never know, some day one of the VOCHAS around you may suddenly wake up, sober up, and become tragically and painfully aware of the logical consequences of their ideological posturing, and suddenly decide that they have no other choice but to follow their clear and compelling argument to it's conclusion, and they embark upon being the Mass Murderer that they know must be the inevitable end of the loss of faith.

In the Mean Time, try not to guilt them into getting nervous....
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