drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Invasion Of Maine )

What other reason CAN exist for the Horrible On Slaught Of Radical Left Wing Extremists God Hating America Bashing in Maine, but that the VICIOUS JACK BOOTS OF CANADIANIST PIRATES have Invaded and overtaken the state of Maine and forced it into the Unholy Alliance With Interenational EVIL:
Maine became the first state in the nation yesterday to officially decline to comply with the Real ID Act of 2005, the federal law that critics say lays the foundation for the creation of a national identity card.

Both houses of the state Legislature -- unanimously in the Senate, 137 to 4 in the House -- approved a resolution rejecting compliance with the act, which requires states to replace their current drivers' licenses by May 2008 with forgery-proof cards embedded with private information. The legislatures urged its repeal .
To obtain the card, which is meant to ensure that the holder is in the country legally, an individual would be required to present a Social Security card, birth certificate, proof of residency, and a biometric identifier, such as a fingerprint. The card would employ "common machine-readable technology" that could be scanned to verify a person's identity.

All this information, digitally stored, would become part of a nationwide database, accessible by federal, state, and local government employees.

[ cf Maine rejects compliance with national ID card law ]


That the Vicious Canadianists Pirates have So BRUTALLY repressed a Free People that they have taken over the government of the state and made it a front for International EVIL!!!!

Now More Than EVER we must Free Maine from the Repression of Canadianists Pirates and their Gay Marriage Only Agenda of International EVIL!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes!!! They are what plants Want!!!!

And Canadianist Pirates Are BAD PEOPLE!!!!
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