drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why doesnt' Disney Support IT's Pro-Torture Klique On KSFO???

Gosh kiddies.... one has to wonder which side the Freaks at Disney are really on, when it comes to being supportive of their Pro-Torture and Pro-Murder Fan club.... It appears that they are willing to try to shut down the folks who have been picking on KSFO.... ( cf Spocko Rocks ABC! Micky Mouse blinks! Updated: Spocko jumps in )....

But is that really all that Disney can do to be more openly Pro-Torture???

Why dont' we get the Mouse to come out and show how he has always supported the Divine Right Of Torturing Anyone, Anywhere, and that The Majik Kingdom understands that sometimes to make sure that it is a happy world after all, there has to be the Majikal Torture Camps in The Majikal Corners of the Majikal Kingdom.

Now wouldn't YOU want to go and visit the special Majikal Kingdom Toture Camps??? Can't YOU just HUNGER for the thrills and excitement of Supporting the Wonderful World Of Disney Toturing.... You Know, to keep america american!!! And to Show your true loyalty to Great Leader!!!
Tags: torture

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