drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Stoners Should Not Do Economics....

Wow, Like TOTALLY DUDE, I Mean, Like the problem here is like, there are like these deadbeats who like use credit cards to like let the credit card company pay the float and like that means that they are like taking advantage of like the credit card company, so like they should like have to pay more for like being deadbeats, because like they always pay off their credit cards like each month, uh, dude....

Sounds Stoned, eh, but how about it like:
In most instances today, it would be silly to pay an annual fee for a credit card simply because most cards don't have them anymore.

But in a Senate Banking Committee hearing examining credit card practices this week, one consumer advocate suggested those who pay their balances in full every month (about half of all cardholders) should pay a small annual fee to credit card companies.

Say you charge $1,000 at the beginning of every billing period and pay it off in full by its due date a month or so later. That's essentially an interest-free loan from the credit card company to you.

The affectionate term of art for those of us who do this is "deadbeat" because we're not that profitable for the credit card companies. Sure, issuers make money off of you through fees paid by merchants whenever you charge a purchase. And you're deemed a "valued customer" because you make an issuer's portfolio look better when they show it to the securities markets.

But let's face it, such model behavior on your part isn't going to plow record profits into an issuer's pockets.

[ cf Why you should pay an annual credit-card fee ]
Like Totally Bogus Man...

Dude, like we have to like stop those people who are like Picking on like the Innocent Credit Card Companies by like being just such DeadBeats...

Dude!!! Like, I Mean, Uh, Dude, All Hail Like The Great Leader, Like Dude, cause like he has like these electrolyte things, like dude, and like wow, they are like what plants want....

You know.

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