drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

say what....

what sort of defeatist cut and runner appeasers are out there???

I just saw another radical left wing extremist who is alledgely tossing his hat into the ring to run for president on the GOP ticket.....

how can that be???

how could anyone choose to run against a war president when the nation is suppose to be more at war than ever before!!! why who can forget the campaign position of the VOCHAS from the 2004 campaign, when it was clearere than ever before, that clearly no one would have run against FDR during WWII....

So how can anyone even suggest that there were so call Republicans who would Oppose Dubya as the Divinely Selected Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!

or what if the problem here boys and girls is that the failure of the 22nd Ammendment keeps getting more and more obvious each time the folks have to deal with the lameness in american politics where we say that a president should not be held accountable for his conduct, because, well, it is not like he will have to run for the presidency again....

What if the 22nd Ammendment DOES NOT have Electrolytes!!!!????!!!!

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