drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

and this nifong issue, please....

North Carolina law requires prosecutors to share all relevant information with defense lawyers promptly. Mr. Nifong told the judge in the case that he had turned over everything he had — “a misrepresentation and false statement of material fact made to a tribunal,” the bar wrote. Mr. Nifong later objected to a defense request to turn over the full laboratory reports, citing cost and privacy concerns and terming the papers sought “a witch hunt list,” the bar said.
[ cf More Ethics Charges Brought Against Official in Duke Case ]
Ok, so what is the problem here???

It is not like any of the Duke Players were sent off to GitMo to be further questioned about possible actual imaginary involvement with terrorists or anything... I mean folks can't be serious about mandating that the Goverment be limited in it's power to provide what ever testimony is required????

Why they can't seriously be OPENLY ATTACKING the SPECIAL POWERS that a War President has to do what ever is done, by what ever means or reason, and/or anyone who has a reasonable belief, or hope, or some expectation, or the appeal, to the prospect that the War President ordered, or might of order, or could have ordered, the specified special action to protect americans from Possible Evil Doers!!!!

I mean how many americans REALLY KNOW that those Duke Lacrosse Players were all really american? Or actually Lacrosse Players, and not front men for Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! Or Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists, or WORSE YET!!!!! LIBERALS!!!!

Isn't it far too soon to be jumping on the Partisan Persecution Band Wagon???

I mean americans support the president's right to use tortured confessions in any trials that he finds it useful to use them in, so why should americans be all that squimish about Patriotic Americans Patriotically Americanizing the Judicial System.... Hum???

Do americans really want the iranian flying saucers to return???

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