drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Two Mommy Threat )

Are YOU SHOCKED!!! as SHOCKED as I am to hear that the BRUTAL JACK BOOTED IRON FOOT OF REPRESSION has been crushing civilization in Canada!!! I was Just SHOCKED to learn that Cheney's Daughter could go to Canada and gain recognition for her daughter to have a lawful relationship with both of her mummies...


The Hullabaloo folks note this ( My Two Moms ) without pointing out that this is all a part of the Dark And Sinister Plot of the Gay ( Yada-yada, etc ) Pirate Canadianists Plot to OUTLAW REAL MARRIAGES by allowing ONLY GAY MARRIAGES!!!!

Clearly WE MUST GO ON WINNING AGAINST CANADA!!!!! Until Canada is Free and integrated into the global economy, just like our Great Success Story Iraq!!!! Anything Less And the Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!!!

ALL HAIL GREAT LEADER!!!!! for he has electrolytes, what plants want...
Tags: bomb_canada, religion, war

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