drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

not a Cultural Quagmire

It is interesting that the issue of "enjoyment marriages" is making the talking points again, ( cf Cultural Quagmire ) where folks like digby of course are whining the liberal whine.

The REAL CRISIS here is not that there is more than one marriage going on concurrently here, but that the EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS are not extending the additional tax advantages that should be going with a marriage simply because the EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS had tax reform!!!!

That is not a Cultural Quagmire, that is the Horrors of EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS and their hatred of tax reform.

Clearly GREAT LEADER will free the americans from this brutal repression bby Evil RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS and will offer the approrpriate tax credits to all who engage in the appropriate enjoyment marriages, as well as the obligatory business expenses and capital depretiation allowances that should be a part of the marriage tax credit packages, since clearly one's first wife is not getting any younger, and one is losing much of the resale value on that first wife, even on the trouphy wife....

All HAIL GREEAT LEADER!!! For he has electrolytes, they are what plants want!!!
Tags: religion, war

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