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That Evil Liberal Perscution Continues....

A Jordanian man fatally shot his 17-year-old daughter whom he suspected of having sex despite a medical exam that proved her chastity, an official said Thursday. The man surrendered to police hours after the killing, saying he had done it for family honor.

A state forensic pathologist, who works at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Amman where an autopsy was performed, said in a phone interview that the girl had run away from home several times for unknown reasons.

Weeks ago, the girl had returned home from a family protection clinic after doctors had vouched for her virginity and the father had signed a pledge not to harm her, the pathologist said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the case.

"The tests proved that she was a virgin," the pathologist said. The girl returned home only after her father signed a statement promising not to harm her, he added.

The father shot the girl four times in the head on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed that again showed "she was still a virgin," the pathologist said.
In response, the government has abolished a section in the penal code that allowed for "honor" killers to get sentences as lenient as six months in prison. Instead, the government has told judges to consider honor killings on a par with other homicides, which in Jordan are punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

But attempts to introduce harsher sentences have been blocked by conservative lawmakers who argue that tougher penalties would lead to promiscuity.

Queen Rania also has called for harsher punishment for such killers.

[ cf Father kills daughter; doubted virginity ]

Can you imagine life in a country where the Government would SOOO PERSECUTE RELIGION as to outlaw the god given biblically literal right to get rid of witches in one's family....

How can such Evil Liberal Persecution of Religion be allowed!!!!

Or are we suppose to adopt the idea that some how the so called 'scientific evidence' that the daughter was suppose to still be a virgin was suppose to in some way be the modernn secular humanist absolution that was suppose to prevent the Father from doing his Fatherly Duty....

What Would HAPPEN if this sort of brutally repressive regime were to be let lose in america, and the american police were to start arresting every Biblically Literal Father who slaughtered and slew the harlotry in their midst!!!

Thank GOD we have Great Leader!!! Who has the Word Of GOD!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He has Electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!
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