drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

NewsMax Proves No Rift Between Cheney And Bush

That I guess is suppose to be the good news. Given that there were those concerns that the two were not getting along after President Bush found out that Dick wanted to support torture. But it is so good to hear that the two of them are back on the same page in their loveFest and the need to find a better winning strategy in their War On The American Veteran's Community as they work out which is the actual posture they were always planning to take on Iraqi-ization of ThatIraqiThingiePoo since they seem to have come to a consensus that some sort of troop withdrawls may be do-able within some time phrame towards some goal that will get us closer to having accomplished some mission.

Oh, I'm sorry, NewsMax says that the evil liberals were concerned that the split between the Greatest Military Leader EVER! and his Sidekick DICK was over Dick's prior posture that this whole issue with burning a CIA asset for strictly domestic consumption, since Dick had said it would all just blow away - rather than the current 2+ year rolling investigation, indictement, and now more grand jury investigation... And that now that Condi has control over the Foreign Policy of the United States, it is not quite like there is a power vacuum inside of the white house based upon a lack of direction as to what the current administration is actually supportive of...

Well Thank You NewsMax for clearing all of that up for us.

Wonder if they ever want to deal with the policy vacuum at some point.

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