drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

History Time - You Be The Judge!!!

Hey kids, what if you were the Great Leader, and the year was 1947! It has been six long hard fought years of struggle against the Venezualean/Iranian Flying Saucers, and it is time for you to present the way forward. What will you do????
  • Kapitulate the the Defeatist Cut And Runners?
  • Gloriously Continue the Round the Clock Bombing of Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Benelux, even Switzerland and Italy
or are you just not got what it takes to be a Great Leader And Keep On Keeping On the
Stay The Course
Stayfulness, merely because the defeatist capitulationist cut and runners are still whining that the attack on pearl harbor had nothing to do with Venezualean or Iranian Flying Saucers, and that some how, simply because we had occupation forces in Germany and Japan and Italy, that this was suppose to be indicative of an excuse to stop bombing those countries....

Remember, Let History Be Your Guide!!!!

As long as it is the Correct History!!! The History That WOULD have been, if it had not be corrupted by the defeatist cut and runner appeasers in the evil liberal media meatpuppetry!!!!

Remember you are comparing your choices against the Greatness of Great Leadere!!!!

Al Hail Great Leader!!! For he has electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!
Tags: war

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