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more Evil Liberal Persecution.... The Bad Stuff

Oh How They MISS the Point!!!
The New York Times checks in on democracy in Iraq, where "nearly every session" of the parliament has been adjourned since November... because as few as 65 of the 275 members there showed up.

Why? It's irrelevant: "Deals on important legislation, most recently the oil law, now take place largely out of public view, with Parliament — when it meets — rubber-stamping the final decisions." Also, the country is very dangerous, and despite the $120,000 salary, the members say they can't afford adequate protection -- one member says that he uses 40 guards when he's in Iraq, and the salary only buys 20. And, well, there's the fact that the job has inevitably disappointed members who "were here for the game, for prestige, for the money,” as one puts it.

[ cf Today's Must Read ]
And the problem here is what???

Hello!!! Simply because the Iraqi's have no pressing business to pass through their parliment is no reason to whine that it has not been doing the job it was elected to do.... I mean wouldn't americans be happier if they knew that their elected representatives were not meeting to frivilously waste the tax payers time with trivial details....

Besides having a parliment that knows how to rubber stamp decision limits the level of tension and irritability that a country has when the Radical Left Wing Extremists OPPOSE god's divinely appointed Great Leader!!!

So maybe it's time for the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets to stop whining about the things they do not like about Iraq and learn to support the supportive parts!!! and the good news when they get it!!!!

Al Hail Great leader!!! For he has electrolytes, What Plants WANT!!!!
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