drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got product Placement....

Ok, for those following along at home, we h/t The Geico Supreme Court for noting Matt Yglesias Baby Einstein plug play in the recent Productization Speach Of The Nation By Great Leader, a wholely owned Subsidiary of the Great Greatness Corporation!!!

I'm not reallly sure that I totally disagree with digby or yglesias on this idea that there is more money to be made in the whole Product Placement and Corporate Sponsorship idea - I just worry that there is this sort of latent failed Pre-911 Liberal Cultural Malaise lurking underneath that some how the 'truth in advertising' laws should be, well, legal, and applicable....

I mean would we really want to limit the Great Super Duper Extra Special Powers of a War President by constraining them under law stuff??? Even if it might help clarify which corporations should be woofing up the old buckage to pay their fair share for the product placement and sponsorship fees - just like they would pay any other shill or flunky....

Since of Course a Great War President, is GREAT!!!! Because they have electrolytes - and electrolytes are what plants want.

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