drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Civilian Reserve Corp....

WOW!!!! Not since they announced the increase in the Choco Ration, based upon the Most Glorious And Victorious of All Military Victories On The Malabar Front, has Great Leader Been Greater than to raise up a New And Improved Family Sized
Civilian Reserve Corp
that will be like a military reserve corp but without having to be a military reserve corp....

Now one can be all that they wanted to be, but without actually having been a part of the military, but like as if they had been a part of the military, to do the things that the military would have done, if the military had been doing those things and/or able to hire the people who would have done those things but at the current time there is still that problem of convincing americans to follow their political posturing into practice....


Go Great Leader!!!! Go!!!!

UPDATE: Folks the
Civilian Reserve Corp
may be the president's new mission to mars, or it could be a blue dress red herring that he stuffed into the State of the Union Address, in lieu of some yellow cake, or it could be.... But hold it, the so called super secret plot that the brits were alledged to have foiled has been the new yellow cake, so that would have been the new yellow cake, so this has to be the new Orange.... or new Pink, which ever is the new Blue Dress As Red Herrirng...

I hope that clears this up.
Tags: war

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