drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got The Right War???

Is it just me, or are other folks nervous when they detect the subtle shift in the books stores, where they park books like The Utility Of Force by General Sir Rupert Smith, right up square in the front in that, oh this is SO HERE FOR YOU spot that is not one of those actual corporate promotional spots, that are normally reserved for the preferred reading of the Directorate Of State Security....

Then in the other sections there is that up swing in things like The Guns Of August and those PBS Companion books on Vietnam, gracefully sprinkled in amongst the books that tell us how the Left Wingers caused the 09/11/2001, and of course more memorials about the American Bismark, Ronald Reagan, whom, as we all know, got up on his great White Charger and lead the Knights Of Truth, Justice, And The American Way, and single handedly lifted the Siege of Berlin and forced the Rus Princes to Sew For Peace ( ok, so it took them a bit of time to accept that quilting was not quitting.... ) and accept terms, that ended the cold war....

Are we suppose to be MORE optomistic that this time around the american people will stay with the War President to Total Victory over all of the They Them Those Types Out THERE!!! not to mention irradicating the dangerous ones back here in america who were not quite patriotically, and theologically, corrector than thou, and willing to do their Part For TOTAL VICTORY NOW!!!!

I so hope that the new upgrade to WOW ( War On Whatever, not worlds of warcraft you whilely wankers ) will be out soon so that we can all be more Greatly Impressed, than ever before, about the ever glorious war!!!
Tags: war

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