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America Continues Global Domination Of Space!!!

In spite of what the Evil Doing Evil Doers In The Evil Doing Liberal Media MeatPuppetry Keep Reporting, all true americans know without a doubt that the great leap forward in Faith Based Intergalaxtic Space Warfare Kommand, has given America a Commanding Dominance of All Global Space Faith Based Systems!!!

Meanwhile in the land of evil doers:
The US reprimand to China over its successful anti-satellite test has all the sincerity of King Herod leading a Unicef fund-raiser. As inventors of the rocket, the Chinese have every bit as much tenure in orbit as the country that belatedly followed Sputnik into space.

Of course no sensible person can be happy at Beijing's action, not least if you look at the 900-plus missiles aimed at Taiwan. But test was entirely legal - and it is so because the United States has consistently blocked any international convention to "limit its freedom of manoeuvre" in space.

Restated only last year, US military doctrine is that it should control beyond earth orbit, and make sure nobody else can challenge it, which is why it will not accept any treaty demilitarizing space.

This has been yet another of those remarkable obsessions of the Republican right and neocons, going back to the Reagan administration.

One of the Bush administration's first reactions to the distinctly sub-orbital airliners smashing into the World Trade Center was to boost spending on the "Strategic Defence Initiative" - Star Wars. The US has spent well over $100 billion so far on it. And so far it has fairly consistently failed to hit the missile equivalent of a brightly painted fish glued in a barrel.

[ cf Lost in space ]
which i think basically summarises the side of Darkness And Evil very well, don't you???

That they are all a part of the vast persecution of conservatives, because they are bad people....

So clearly we must Go On Winning The Holy Crusade, or Bad Things Will Happen...
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