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More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!! - ( The Pro-Evil Clique )

Are YOU as SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED!!! I say!!! Just SHOCKED!!! That the radical left wing defeatist cut and runner extremists are EVERYWHERE!!!! Just Look at:
A U.S. Department of Defense lawyer apologized Wednesday for his broadcast comments suggesting that corporations boycott law firms that represent detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

In a letter to The Washington Post, Charles Cully Stimson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, said the comments, made in a Jan. 11 radio interview, "do not reflect my core beliefs." Stimson said "our justice system requires vigorous representation," citing his own his experience in the Navy JAG Corps defending unpopular clients.

His apology came two days after the Pentagon disavowed his statements, saying they did not represent Defense Department views.

The remarks had touched off a salvo of criticism. More than 145 law professors and deans issued a Jan. 15 statement calling the remarks "contrary to the basic tenets of American law" and asking the Bush administration to repudiate them.

[ cf Bush Official Apologizes for Slap at Guantanamo Detainees' Lawyers ]
I Mean!!!

Why should they be apologizing!!! It is not like there is suppose to be anything that a defense attorney would be able to do in these cases where even the government admists that a large number of the detained will nevere even come to trial as there never really was any real reason to detain them, other than that there was a need to show Americans that a War President has Special Powers!!!

That a War President Can Do Special Things with his Special Powers!!!

That a War President doesn't have to worry about whether or not the Blue Dress Fits!!! Since he can sit there regally and Royally resolving who is guilty and who is nice, and who will get a visit from Santa this year!!!

So remind me again, why exactly folks should be upset about whether or not, in line with the signing statements that brought us the National Day Of Torture Act of 2006, and the soon to be named National Day Of Torture Act of 2007, where the president gets additional Special Powers to fight the Beast Creatures from the Pit, that anyone should be at all surprised that folks should be supporting the president to support the troops, and not involved din these Ikky Yukky Failed pre-911 Kultic Thingies about having lawful rights under a constitution....

Besides, LOYALTY TO GREAT LEADER!!!! is what has kept america safe from the Scary Blue Dress of the Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Do Americans want to risk the horriFrying thought of Iranian Flying Saucers, in Blue Dress's, rampaging around the nation depositing those Nancy Belosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair??? DO THEY????

Now More than Ever americans must stand up and defend the Great Leader from these radical extremist persecutions of the dangerorus Left!!!
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