drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got More Flag Wavinger Than Thou....

Wow!!! When the VOCHAS reach out and hope that the power of the state will keep on protecting them:
Just months after legislators in Louisiana and Oklahoma voted to outlaw the unauthorized use of the names and images of U.S. soldiers on anti-war merchandise, representatives of those two states have separately introduced new legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that would outlaw such use on merchandise across the nation.

Dan Frazier, the owner of CarryaBigSticker, says the legislation directly targets some of his merchandise. His Flagstaff, Ariz. company mostly sells anti-war and anti-Bush bumper stickers via the Internet. In June of 2005, his company introduced a T-shirt listing the names of about 1,700 U.S. troops who had died in Iraq. The list of names covers the front and the back of the shirt. Overlaid on the names of the fallen troops are the words "Bush Lied," and on the back, "They Died." The company also sells a similar magnetic vehicle sign (discontinued).

[ cf Federal Legislation to Ban Certain Anti-War Merchandise Targets Flagstaff Entrepreneur ]
You REALLY do want to read the rest of the comedic moments that go with this crisis....

The excuse here from last summer about why it should be illegal to list the names of those who died in the current "Compensating For Having Run Away From That Vietnam Thingie" is just way too comical... Makes one wonder if the same would be true for the Pro-Patria Brigade, when they are shilling products, with the flag wrapped around them, and all of that Smack about our "honored Dead"....

Ah Yes... and it should surprise anyone that Texas is Hopping On This Anti-Free Market, Anti-Free Speach, play acting about the need to protect those who are hiding from the names of those who died for their desperate domestic political football....

Go Team Go!!!! Get us that next rack of some 92,000 spare boots to keep on showing the world that we are so willing to go on going on, as long as there is an on to go....

Win Team Win!!!

And most importantly, we are all like waiting to see the half time show, since those are all relly cool and groovy and like everyone loves the baton twirlers, and the marching bands, and the Cheerleaders Cheering competition, why, gosh, golly, isn't it Oh! What a Lovely War and all that Jazz....

But most of all, I am soooo waiting for the National VOCHAS Blue Dress Championship Show Off!!!
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