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Why do those Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet FAIL to take Great Leader's Word for what the plain spoken leader says and means:
In his speech Wednesday night, Bush promised that troops would "interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria" and "destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq."

The raid occurred before Bush's address.

The language of his speech contrasts with a call by the Iraq Study Group to open negotiations with Iran and Syria.

On Thursday, Iraqi government spokesman Ali Dabbagh urged the United States to repair relations with Iran and Syria, saying "we pay the price for the tension."

In comments unrelated to Thursday's raid, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was "instructive" that previous raids against arms suppliers had resulted in the detention of Iranians.

[ cf U.S. forces detain 6 Iranian envoys ( emphasis mine )]

Would this be the totally wrongest time to remind americans that the president has been clear that all american Embassy and Consulates are now merely staging area for Special Operations Forces... So of course all embassy and consulates, and their staffs, are perfectly legitimate targets, since there is no reason to believe anyone is still all hung up on that failed pre-911 cultural malaise in which law was considered binding upon the Great War Lord^H^H^H^H President!!!!

So of course it is clear that Great Leader IS leading the dialog with Iran and Syria!!!

They can become christian vassals of the Great Holy Crusader!!! Or be crushed under the Godliness of The Inquisition as the Holy Crusade Crusades Crusadingly!!!! Americans do recall that the Great Leader DID take up the cross to lead this crusade....

Or would this also be a bad time to remind americans about that part of the whole over all
You Are Either With US!!!
Or YOU Are Against US!!!!!
so of course the negotiations are not the sort of soft ball fluff that the Leftist Leaning Evil Demonic Nancy Pelosi Vodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair might wish to engage in prior to their Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Running, but the NATIONS is IN A TIME of
transfering the tax liability Unto the Unborn!!!
And All MUST OBEY THE DIVINE WILL!!! And the Clear And COMPELLING MANDATE of the Argument From Intelligent Design, IN A BLUE DRESS!!!!

Or those Iranian Flying Saucers will return!!!

So why can't the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppets accept that the whole world has changed and that Great Leader is GREAT!!!
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