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got Wildly Unsubstantiated Speculations!!!!

A rocket struck the U.S. Embassy early Friday, exploding inside the modern, glass-fronted building and shattering hopes that Greece's leftist anti-American militant networks had been dismantled.

Greek authorities said the attack, which caused no injuries, was probably carried out by a domestic terrorist group.

The small anti-tank missile, fired from across a six-lane boulevard, narrowly missed the large blue-and-white U.S. seal on the embassy's facade and the ambassador's office, and pierced the building above the front entrance shortly before 6 a.m. It damaged a third-floor bathroom and shattered windows in nearby buildings.

"There were no injuries and very minimal damage," U.S. Ambassador Charles Ries said outside the embassy.

[ cf Blast at U.S. Embassy Called 'Terrorism' ( emphasis mine )]
Talk About The Blind Leap Of Faith!!!!!!

Based upon the scoring criterion in Iraq, this does not even make it into the DOD Data base of things that went bump in the dark!!! So why should we allow the Greeks some special accounting Rules like they were suddenly the New Aurther Anderson Setting Up The Self Referential Income/Deficiet/Issue Accounts for Enron???


Just because someone misses a target with an ATAGM ( Anti-Tank, Almost-Guided, Missile ) doesn't mean that it was another case of radical left wing extremists advocating Jeffersonian Democracy.
The attack recalled the anti-capitalist and anti-American violence of past decades, which included the death of a CIA station chief and other American military and embassy officials, as well as a failed bomb attack against the U.S. Embassy in 1996.
(op cit)

Would this be the wrong time to talk about why you do not hire the same house as the last CIA station chief? Or why you do NOT want to be the loser in "spot the CIA/KGB" championship being played by the local high school teams.... OR.... Why tradecraft SHOULD be taken seriously....

Or would that be, like, way so last millenium....
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