drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got 92,000 pairs of boots....

Remind me again, how exactly IS the new fantasy of getting some 92,000 more troops for the next five years of the Holy Crusades Against What ever???? HUM???

Are the VOCHAS majikally going to get cured and suddenly stop sitting on their face? Or What?

So while we are debated the finessing points of the alledged 21,000 surgies to save Baghdad from the Siege of The Mahdi's Troops - gosh, isn't this where Charlton Heston plays China Gordon in Khartum is this suppose to be the Charlton Hestonof 55 Days at Peking ??? And we get all the collateral cultural motif moments like The Four Feathers??? ( all of the various films from the 1915 one forward, which are all adaptations of the 1902 story... But of course all americans knew that part, knowing the history of the Decline of the british empire brought on by the complete moral collapse as they allowed Bad People To Be Bad....

Now remind me again why the nation is now more at war than ever before???
Tags: war

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