drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why America NEEDS it's Own Republican Guard Units!

The Current Administration has opted to give in to TERRORRISM by transfering the so called dirty bomber into the hands of a civilian court in the hopes of appeasing the Black Robed Tyrants on the Supreme Court who have been Meddling in the Holy Crusade Against All Monsters that has been the hallmark of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!

Now let us all put our thinking caps on for a moment. I can understand that many americans do not have a lot of experience working with real live fascist police states, and that their notions of 'fascism' is fundamentally limited to merely those bad people who ratted them out for smoking in the bathroom, and listening to Rock And Roll Music. But in a Real Live Honest To God, Decent Solid Back To Basic Fascist Police State one can have Habeus, and still have the correct approach to dealing with enemies of the State... In Spain, under Franco, the trick was that no one court system could hold you for more than 72hours without giving it up that they had you. Great Law. Lots of Turn Over. Folks just did not wind up getting held in the same court system for more than 72 hours.

So if We had our own Republican Guard Units, they would of course, NOT be members of the regular Military. Therefore they would not be liable to the DANGEROUS ONSLAUGHT of the evil legislative Agenda of Draft Dodging Anti-War Types Like Senator McCain - Who WANT To VICIOUSLY AND BRUTALLY impose American Law not only on the American Military, but Also On THE CIA!!!

But since the Republican Guard Units would not be a part of the american military, and beholding to no one but the GREATEST Military Leader EVER! There would be none of this vicious imposition of American Law on Them. Hence the Greatest Military Leader EVER! would not have to worry about folks asking annoying and Unamerican Questions about why the Argument From Intelligent Design Dictates that the Divine Right Of The Divinity Allows For The Detention of Enemies of The State for as long as the Divinity Dictates that they be detained!!!

This way the next time someone like Ashcroft decides that it would be too hard to put together a case that would survive in an american court, he would be able to put out a scary press release from Moskva, as he did, that some Dirty Bomber was being handed over to the Military for detention without trial. Nor would the Current Attorney General have to play Duck And Weave about which positions the Administration held, and/or why it was KAPITULATING to the Enemy in the middle of the Holy Crusade, and hoping that the matter before the US Supreme Court would majikally disappear simply by charging the person with some set of crimes, but none of them that the Press Releases Had been Pressing were the reason that there was this SUPER SPECIAL NEED.

Thus with Real All American Republican Guard Units it would be simpler to allow them to detain enemies of the state without having to embarrass the administration with all of this technical legal stuff, which is, well, technical, and legal, and stuff.

NOW MORE THAN EVER! We Need OUR Real All American Republican Guard Units!!!

Think Of The Children!!!

IF WE DO NOT GET Real All American Republican Guard Units!!!



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