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Idiocracy, a Threat!!! a very DANGEROUS THREAT!!! BE AFRAID

Ok, so some times God Works in Mysterious and EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING WAYS!!! Hey kids, did you know that there was suppose to have been some sort of speach last night about how the nation was going to stay the course more than ever before.....

Well GOLLY!!!

The things one learns from one's co-workers in the Office Space.... But I am so not sure if last nights alledged performance really had what it takes to beat out, Beavis And Butt-head reruns, so I am glad that I took the time to actually purchase and watch Idiocracy since, well, given the fact that Fox did not support it during it's cinema release, back in September 2006, which as everyone knows was such a long, long, long time ago, back when there were morals and decency, and the Evil Nancy Pelosi Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair, In a Blue Dress!!! were not lurching around the nation destroying everything in their path...

Ok, so, the movie is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FRIGHTENING, on way too many levels.

One of the central themes of the film is a Dangerously Overly Simplistic View of both Evolution and Intelligence. The Idea of a genetic dumbing down, would follow one of the basic themes of Evolution - in that the 'selecting out' of certain traits, that do not lead to replecation, means that those traits first become dormant genetic traits, and may finally be scrubbed from the DNA pool. But that of course presumes that "intelligence" is all "nature" and not the combination of "nature and nuture", with the venerable slogan,
2% inspiration, and 98% persperation
so there is that core failure in the plot itself.

That we DO have the history of The Dark Ages, which is more about the abandonment of the known knowledge, while confronting the most unpleasant transition to the Xtian Theocracy in what had formerly been the Western Roman Empire. But this was not a global fiasco, since other parts of the world were not afraid of learning, and knowledge, and were willing to keep such going forward.

But barring the counter-factual arguments that can be raised by Pin Headed Academic Metro-Sexual Types, what really worries me is whether the Rest of the Folks out there would even notice, or care, about the big picture technical details. Which of course confuses me as to why the Wonders of Fox, a News Corp, was unwilling to massively support this dahling of their intellectual charm and smarm??? Were they really afraid that it would cut into the revenue streams from King Of The Hill ???

Were they afraid that the Department of Homeland Security would Attack them for being Unamerican???

Or were the Fox Folks being cagey about hoping to get this puppy to Kult Status, by playing the whole gambit of almost repressing it..... Thus giving it a Patena of being Almost like a real Indie Flick with a Real Challenge to the Authority Thingie.....

Ok, so unlike the primary character in Conspiracy Theory, when I get 'those urges', I do not run out and buy a copy of The Catcher in the Rye, I general tend to pick up books on Logic, or Copies of Both the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers... It's a Republican Thing, don't worry. So as a reference, nope. No Such new Books for the book shelves.

Bottom Line here, I can understand a part of why the young critic who was non-plussed about Children of Men would put in the reference to Idiocracy. As such, actually watching this film is strictly a technical call, and for reasons of National Security should be limited to technically competent persons.

There is really no good reason to actually own a copy of this film, and it should only be viewed with the appropriate support group who will be able to help one understand that this is not likely to happen, well, at least not at any time soon, no matter how much the National Agenda of Anti-Science and Anti-Logic are tied to the Holy Crusade For National Security...

Everyone else, you might want to see it with friends, but make sure not have a lot of Nerf Products, and be very sure to adjust your MEDS prior to seeing the film. Also make sure that you are already on the floor, since falling on the floor in the middle of watching this film can be distracting to other persons, and may make them think that you are possibly the smartest person in the Room....

This is a Bad Film, but not bad enough to make the "Bad Film Festival", but it is bad enough to help put a spike in the Price of Blunts in your Neighborhood, IF you are not careful about managing the showing of this movie in small and very underground groups. So remember boys and Girls!!!! There are Economic Realities that this film can negatively influence!!! We Have Warned YOU!!
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