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Where Is The Love??

The United States, facing growing international criticism over an air strike targeting al Qaeda suspects in Somalia, denied reports on Wednesday it had carried out further strikes.

A Somali government source and a local lawmaker said U.S. planes struck several sites on Wednesday after an assault on Monday against a village where the suspects were thought to be hiding.

But an official in Washington denied more strikes. "There have been no additional attacks," said one official.

U.S. government sources said U.S. ally Ethiopia, which defeated Islamist forces in a lightning war last month, had conducted further air strikes since Monday.

The Somali officials did not say how they distinguished between U.S and Ethiopian planes operating in the remote southern area where Islamists were driven after their defeat.

[ cf U.S denies reports of new Somalia air strikes ]
But aren't there enough Dead to spread around for all of the Heroic forces Of God's Divine Justice That Rains Death From The Sky???

Or is the new and improved story here, that when there are civilain deaths, it is someone else's work???

Or are we now saying that the Americans are unwilling to offer military support to Ethiopia, since Ethiopia Illegally Invaded Somalia, and we are real sticklers on this with invading a country, unless of course, the Ethiopian regime admits that it has accidentally inserted it's troops into Somalia to restore the iraqi^H^H^H^H^H somali wetlands, as a part of the Great And Glorious Victorious march to Total Victory in Vietnam^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Iraq^H^H^H^H Canada!!!

Bomb Canada With Ethiopia Aircraft so that those Gay ( yada, etc ) Pirate Canadianists understand that we are more than willing to do what MUST BE DONE to protect our White Christian American way of life.... In A Blue Dress
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