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got That Cool Somali Mission Accomplished T-Shirt Yet???

Hey Kids, what if the reports that they are now having more battles inside of Mogadishu, Violence engulfs Somali capital, were in some way Truthier??? Whether or not the American Air Strikes were Strikiere than Before-ere.

Mean while the God Hating America Bashing San Francisco Kultur of Death Offers Us:
After the United States launched air strikes on suspected al Qaeda fighters in Somalia, experts debated to what extent the United States should get involved militarily in the anarchic country embroiled in a years-long civil war.

"Nothing you do militarily comes without a political cost," said Anthony Cordesman, an expert on terrorism and the U.S. military at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. "But if you don't act because of the risk of hostile political perception, you're going to create a far worse future."

Other experts questioned whether the priority for the United States in Somalia right now should be trying to hunt down suspected terrorists.

[ cf Opportunity, peril seen for U.S. in Somalia
Experts divided on value of air strikes against terror targets
How Quickly THEY forget!!!

Clearly, when the President stepped into the Well Of The Congress to deliver his "this day of imfamy" speach, with the Clarion, Clear And Compelling, Call for TOTAL VICTORY in Somalia, to defeat the Evil Somalian Flying Saucers that had attacked America On 09/11/20001, all americans KNEW that there was no other choice but to build the time machine, with star gate technology, and put our Valiant Fighting Forces Through It to Protect america from Somalia EVER getting Flying Saucer Technology!!!

Or was it the other way around.

Be That As It May, do americans REALLY need to be Truthier about which wars against which national Flying Saucer Technology we have always been against???

Clearly the AMERICAN PEOPLE gave the President the Clear And Compelling Mandate to WIN! WIN! WIN!!! until all of the Mission Accomplished Dances had been DONE!!!! And IN a Blue Dress!!!
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