drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh Where, Oh Where Are The VOCHAS today....

If we are to believe the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA MEATPUPPETS then some 61% of Americans Favor Satanism and Al-Qaeda rather than support the Presidents New And Improved Sparkly Pony Moments About More Enhanced Stay The Course In Iraq!!!!

Meanwhile there are Alledged Members of Congress who Not ONLY want to vote against The President, but clearly want to make this the First Openly Satanic Vodoo Zombie Cult Ritualist Nation Based Upon Bathing In The Fresh Blood of Blonde, Blue Eyed, White Christian American Teenage Female Girl Cheerleaders In Blue Dresses!!!!

I don't mean to sound strident here, but it gravely concerns me that STILL the VOCHAS have not mounted up their Big White Chargers to ride over the Ridge and save the Settlers from the Dark And Sinister Evil Nancy Pelosi Driven Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!! Which of course was why they had self exempted from doing their patriotic duty in the current Holy Crusade to restore the wetlands In Iraqi!!!!

When will the Great Military Leader unleash the Righteous Wrath of Raging Ranker against the ongoing Ikky Yukky Poohperisms of the Left!!!!

Oh Where, Oh Where Are The VOCHAS today....
Tags: war

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