drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Surging Troopies...

I mean how can anyone DOUBT the clear and compelling need to Surge Troops into Somalia!!! Clearly at any point now the president will seriously consider the policy statement clarify how exactly this is all a part of the Glorious And Totally Victorious Victory over the Vietnamese, by Marching Ever Forward Into Cambodia....

So clearly With The Onward And Upward, can there be any doubt that after we have once again won as we would have won in Somalia, were it not for the clintons, we will finally be able to win the Wowie Zowie Totally Like Way Groovey Really Real Win in Vietnam, like we would have won, were it not for the clintons....

Thus, in this context, how can anyone doubt that the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!! has the right to surge as many troops in Iraq as he will need to restore the Iraqi Wetlands.... So can we please get on with the New And Improved, And Ever MORE GLORIOUS victory against Iran, and Syria, and then North Korea, and Nigeria, and then ....

Be, All That You Would Have Been, if it were not for the clintons...
Tags: war

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