drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got War Reparations?

Hey Kids, did anyone else notice that the OTHER big Glaring Blow Up In Your Face HOLE in the whole Iraqi Study Group Report is that Minor Detail about War Reparations to cover the cost of all of the Damage that the Iraqi's have done!!!

I mean, what God Fearing Patriotic American can forget how in the run up to the
that everyone KNEW that the Iranian Flying Saucers that Attacked on 09/11/2001 were all doing so under ORDERS from Iraq!!!

That the Attack on the Oklahoma City Bombing had been done on Super Secret Orders From Iraq!!!! that The Iraqi's were behind all of the dark and evil things, Like the Attack On Pearl Harbor ( remember boys and girls, the iraqi's were responsible for sending The Iranian Flying Saucers there too, and the Japanese were our alliese, and were trying to protect us from them, but the Evil Liberals In The Evil FDR administration, rather than invading Iraq, went to war with the wrong people!!!!).

There is also the Great Chicago Fire, The 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Al Gore, Ben Affleck, and at least two or three years of the Carter Administration, hence That Seventies Show, thus establishingly, clearly and compellingly, that Iraq is still attempting to Destroy Our White Christian America...

Can America REALLY leave Iraq without a Signed War Reparations Plan???
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