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got Clogged Methane Port???

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!! Not since the great days of the Samurai BiznizPerKins reading "book of five rings", to defeat the Evil Demon Beast Creature of Japan Inc. have I seen such Wankage:
The U.S. military is studying small companies such as 24-employee Craigslist to see how the online bulletin board has all but terrorized the newspaper industry by siphoning classified advertising.
Such research may unearth ideas that will help the United States fight the war on terror.

It may seem a stretch that within the chaos of capitalism are the secrets to fighting al-Qaeda. But the military and business have long borrowed leadership lessons and competitive tactics from each other.

JOIN THE BLOG CONVERSATION: What can small business do for the military?

In the past, sharing between military and business has been largely a one-way street. The Art of War by the ancient Chinese general Sun-Tzu remains a must-read for corporate CEOs, and most great lessons have been learned the hard way on the battleground before migrating into commerce. For example, CEOs have come to embrace the idea that it's better to act quickly on an imperfect plan than to introduce a perfect plan too late, a lesson first learned the hard way in the fog of war.

But now the military is paying closer attention to business than business is paying to the military, because the world of geopolitics has discovered itself to be on the same road that business has been on for some time. That road is flatter, more networked and more decentralized than ever.

[ cf Can small businesses help win the war? ]

I guess the up side here is the growing awareness that the WhateverOnWhomever is like so last millenium or some such, it is not the new Pink...

I mean when we get down to
It's no coincidence that Osama bin Laden is the first leader of terrorism to have studied economics and public administration, nor that he cut his teeth on the family business in Saudi Arabia, says Bruce Hoffman, a professor of security studies at Georgetown University.
( op cit)
I so wanted to call the Department Of Homeland Security, and have those Pukes Arrested for being, well, gosh, for being Such Defeatists....

You would think that folks would at least have become aware of the actual real world terrorists out there, many of them who had studies economics and public administration, such as the founding fathers of the USofA... but I guess in this Post Rational Era, that is like WAY TOO DIFFICULT!!!!

Oh well, I will be all positve and happy knowing that we are no longer as much at war as we had been, since, well gosh, the folks who don't know much about business are now going on about how they want the DOD and the Bizniz community to do some stuff about learning about stuff so that the stuff they learn about will help them like be gooder at keeping americans saferish.

Or I should be warming up to the fact that this is the Clarion Call that the 'decentralization' movement is growing, and that the USofA will not have to worry about a grand collapse, since it will be the new and improved decentralization and deregulation movement....

Oh Please!!!! Will these PEOPLE STOP SITTING ON THEIR FACES!!!!!!

You Know, For Reasons Of National Security!!!
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