drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Small Ugly Thought....

The hot buzz gossip is that the current shift in Administration Players is to help organize an Amphib Landing on the Iranian Coast to Win One For The Gipper and show america that the President still is planning to go on winning for as long as he can...

The scary parts are two fold - That one can no longer discount such Wild Eyed Rumour Mongering as strictly the Wack Jobbed Insanity of the pro-war freak set - since we are looking at the on going drag out that they told us would never happen, when the Iraqi People would greet us as liberators.

The Second Part is the unpleasant question of what Will Congress do???

Since folks have been talking about this as being in the 'mix' prior to the November elections, one does have the problem now of sorting out IF we are still Morer At War With Iran Than Ever Before or did the recent election in America offer up a ray of hope??? that some how the rule of law will return to america while it can...
Tags: war

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