drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Country Needs More Health And Safety Alerts....

I just noticed that the two volume set of Pinky and The Brain does NOT, repeat, does NOT, come with an appropriate health and safety warning on the side.

As a Public Service, I would like to make it PAINFULLY CLEAR that this is a GRAVE NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!!!

It is ok to watch any episode of Pinky And The Brain, while sewing, presuming there is enough light, so as not to poke yourself with any of the pointy objects!!!!

BUT IT IS A GRAVE NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!!!! If you watch any episode of Pinky And The Brain, while reading the Iraq Study Group Report.

It should be considered a Grave Capital Crime to say "NARF" while Reading the Iraq Study Group Report, and DEFINITELY, you should never say
Are You Pondering What I Am Pondering?
since in theory the Iraq Study Group Report is not Viral Marketing for Silly Take Over The World Scheme Madmen.... and/or Lab Rats with the same intentions.

One REALLY should be able to keep one's National Weapons Release Authority distinct from a Mutant Rodent and his Someone Chaotic Evil Fellow Travelor!!!

As SUCH the EVIL DOING EVIL DOERS, who are doing evil, at Warner Brothers, and their sister Dot, should be FORCED by Pain Of Law, to PUT some Appropriate Health And Safety Warning On Their Product For The Protection of Our White Christian American Way of Life or the Iranian Flying Saucers will return!!!

Thus Endeth The Public Service Announcement, Go Thou And Sin No More Against the National Security and the Greatest Of All Military Leaders EVER!!!!!
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