drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Or will They Agnew Condi????

Hum... In light of the Great "staying the course" Festival, and of course the great national days of Fordism, could the whole Move Negreponte Into Being Condi's Number 2 a preparedness move as the current administration looks at how to jettison Condi so that the Evil Liberals will have a feeding fest on her, like they did with Agnew.... so that the Great Leader and His Intrerped Band of Pranksters will be able to rush along making up their own realities as they go....

You know of course that NO ONE actually believes that the Iranian Flying Saucers attacked the WTC, that was all some evil Media Hype By HollyWeird Liberals trying to Promote Some New Space Movie, you know, must have been like War Of The Worlds, Or something like that, it was not really like the nation was attacked, so there really was no reason for Condi to get all Hysterical Girly and wanting the American Troops to go over seas to attack some place so that she would stop looking like the fashionable alternative to HanoiAnnie "Did I Screech Loud Enough For You!" Coulter....

It was Condi who had been the Secretary of State and got all Girly Hysterical and running around like a loose cannon to the U.N. that there was some sort of issue thingie who had to be stopped before they attacked again...

You do remember it was condi who lead the radical liberal wing against the Calls For Calm And Order that Bush, and Cheney, and FormerlyIdentifiablePlayerNumberThreeWhoHasFallenOutOfFavorWithTheGreatLordsOfAllThingsGreatAndWonderful!, ( nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean, he said as a blind bat to an osterich, knowing full well that any form of failure to show great faith in great leader could make one a new player in the whole You know, what was his name, I use to know it before he fell out of favor with Great Leader! Who Is Great! And Leader!!! ).

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Is Great!!!! Even if he should not be wearing that blue dress in public as a part of his national self loathing and complete lack of any fashion sense... But there are still many more players who can be jetisoned over the side to keep the Great Leader, Great!!!
Tags: bluedress, war

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