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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( Their Sekret Konspirakii )

Oh sure, we Know what the Evil Left Wing Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut and Runners REALLY MEAN when their Media Meat Puppets are bleating out the Party Line:
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who may call an election this year, reorganized his cabinet for the first time since he was elected less than a year ago. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty kept his job.

Rona Ambrose was moved from environment to become the intergovernmental affairs minister, after weeks of newspaper reports saying she might be moved because Harper wasn't happy with her performance. Ambrose, 37, was replaced by John Baird, also 37 and former President of the Treasury Board, at a swearing-in ceremony today in Ottawa.

[ cf Harper Shuffles Cabinet Ahead of a Possible Election }
AS IF!!!!

We can see the dark and sinister Blot Brewing Here, EH! They shift their Environmentalist Radical Extremists Around and it can spell out NOTHING But WAR!!!!! WAR!!!! WAR!!!!!! We know what happens when the Radical TreeHuggerInChiefClique are bent upon the Restoring The Wetlands!!!! Even MORE OMINOUSLY since the Sinister Gay HomoZeXual Zombie ( yada-yada-Yada ... ) Pirate Canadianists were spilling the secret time to Invade America over at Making Light, which we Revealed in More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The Making Light Threat ) which WE do not consider to be MERE KOINKIDENK!!!!

Minor side bar note here folks.

On top of the usual problems that the American Military Has with recruiting Troops, and the Iraqi Study Group, and all of the other sources that are underlyning the problem of Maintaining a Home Defense Force, we have the Unpleasant Reality Check in play in the midst of all of that
The Nancy Pelosi Causes The Rise Of Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair
as the Unpleasant Proof Prositive In These Grim And Dark Days!!!!

One of the Central Tenants of the Blue Dress Theory was that this was going to be the First Regime in the World to Come OUT as "Zombie Free" - no matter how many convictions that would come through, and no matter how many of those convicted should simply have been frog marched out of the court room into the court yard and shot down dead with a small caliber hand pistol to the base of their Skull as if they were merely a mad dog being put down....

So many of the Valiant Fighting 101st Keyboardists had been such Great Defenders of Our White Christian American Way, and exempted from actual military service, because of their Grand Strategic NEED to protect us from the Threat of Nancy Pelosi Bringing Forth From The Burning Sulphours Pits Of Hell Her Bat Winged Hell Spawn Underling. But as we noticed, they really were not that successful at that either...

No matter what sort of "mission accomplished" Disco Duck Dance the VOCHAS are doing about how they have always been repressed by the Evil Democrats who are repressing Minorities Everywhere, the reality remains that the VOCHAS are not a force that can be counted on when there is a real need for troops....

So while mononeuron tries really hard to postulate that there REALLY SHOULD be enough 'troops' left in america, who could be pressed into military service, WHEN the Canadianist Come Rampaging South, the tragedy remains that the vast majority of the 'white heterosexual males' who could be a part of such a patriotically and theologically corrector than thou Military Force would simply take the Invasion By Canada as one more sign of the End Times and the Rise of The Anti-Christ and would all be trying desperately hard to sign the More Important Deal!!! Not the One where they raise their right hand to swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States Of America!!! But where they have this treatment of a Gloss On a whole new Genre of "Left Behind" stories about why Nancy Pelosi is Really The Anti-Christ and hence why these Horrible Things are happening because of all of the Gay ( Yada, etc ) Pirate Canadianists....

Ok, that and they would be opening up store front churchs declaring the Apocalypse, as well as the study at home programmes for how to learn to speak Kanadian...

Which leaves us with the rest of the "Military Age And Fitness" types in the USofA, most of whom would not engage in military Action, and would proceed to engage in Totally embarrassing Moral Debauchery that is the trade mark of the Collapse of Western Civilization that the Rise of MetroSeXuals have been in the vanguard.

Granted, this might actually be a positive trend in fashion, art, literature, the cinema, and the general cultural melieu, but we would of course all be forced to Learn Canadian...

I mean, What Is With That, Eh?
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