drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got NID???

Hum.... so why exactly did Comrade Party Leader John Negroponte join the Long List of Kapitulationist Appeasing Defeatist Cut And Runners who has abandoned his Post as NID to become Condi's No. 2 Boy????

Could it be that Negroponte smells the Coming Graft as various recommendations in the Iraqi Study Group Report shift some of the Thousand Points Of Graft out of the control of the DOD, and hence also out of the DOD's Puppet Toady the "Intelligence Community"??? Or is this just a wake up call that there is a new Real Head of the Intelligence Community As SecDef, and one can not have two Meglomaniacs Doing their Al Haig Impersonations about I Am In Charge...

or is it the simpler hope, that Negroponte HOPES that he can retain some sense of Diplomatic Immunity Longer if he shifts into Condi's Camp, and as such avoid the fate of Saddam Hussein, who was persecuted to death by the radical extreme leftist for Saddam's Willingness to run a Negroponte-esque war on Dead End Insurgent and Islamicists....

Oh What EVER will we really learn about all of this!!!!

Hey Kids, what if we already had a standard??? What if the Real Solution is THE BLUE DRESS!!! What If we ask the deep seated question,
IF The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!!
You Must Acquitte!!!
Wouldn't that simplify these Complex Questions, before we see the clear and compelling PROOF that we must Bomb Canada to keep our Americanism American!!!
Tags: bluedress, bomb_canada, war

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